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Pre-wedding pamper

Pre-wedding pamper

Q. Please can you give me some hair and skincare tips to prepare for my winter wedding?

A. Juliet Draper says: During the winter, because of the cold air outside and central heating indoors, our hair and skin can start to feel dehydrated and lacking in moisture. When it comes to your hair, keep the water at a reasonable temperature when you're showering because if it's too hot, it can remove the moisture from your scalp resulting in flaky skin. Treating your locks to a conditioning treatment once or twice a week will lock in the moisture so that your hair looks healthy and glossy. By incorporating a gentle head massage at the same time, it will help to stimulate the hair follicles and blood flow to your scalp.

During the winter months, it's easy to forget to keep hydrated and drink plenty of water which is so important to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh. Remembering to eat a well-balanced diet with plenty of fruit and vegetables is a must, too. Incorporate an exfoliation treatment into your skincare routine which will help to remove any unwanted skin cells and keep it soft and supple. Why not treat yourself to a well earned facial?

It's so important to remember to make time for yourself in the lead-up to your wedding because you want to feel, and look, your very best for the most important day of your life!

Juliet Draper, Juliet Draper Hair and Make-up Artist


Skin deep

Skin deep

Q. My hubby-to-be and I want to start an at-home beauty and grooming regime ahead of our wedding later this year. Can you help?

A. Paula Pokora says: The team at Nanshy, which is known for its exquisite selection of make-up brushes, bags, sponges, and brush care items is launching a new line of skincare tools for both women and men that are easy to use in the comfort of your own home, to look after your skin with no salon visit required. Because the past year has seen us all resort to at-home beauty treatments, the demand for at-home skincare is growing at a rapid pace. These new skincare tools address underlying problems to create smooth, healthy, and radiant-looking skin while maximising the impact of day-to-day self-care routines, something that couples can enjoy together. The new line is being launched with two introductory products that can produce professional, salon-quality results without needles or chemicals, perfect for a pre-wedding pick-me-up after lockdown.

The first product launched in the new collection is the face roller, a metal device that's rolled across the skin to strengthen underlying tissue and muscles, working to sculpt the cheekbones, jawline, and brows. It also promotes oxygen distribution to help brighten the skin and stimulates drainage to minimise puffiness.

The second exciting new product is the 'gua sha' inspired by ancient Chinese massage therapy tools. Helping to relieve tension in the face, improve blood circulation, and promote drainage, it can soften fine lines and wrinkles to minimise early signs of ageing.

Mandatory mask-wearing is also sparking new interest in skincare. Long-term mask usage is believed to be closely connected to spots around the mouth and nose caused by contact dermatitis and wearers are naturally seeking effective solutions to improve the appearance of their skin. Recent research shows that, during the pandemic, make-up sales have dropped by around 55% while skincare sales have risen 300% year on year.

Paula Pokora, Nanshy