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A bespoke big day

A bespoke big day

Q. We're thinking of choosing a celebrant-led wedding, can you offer any advice?

A. Mikayla Ballard-Kearns says: Meet the expert: Mikayla Ballard-Kearns is a professional celebrant and qualified wedding planner based in Wiltshire.

Mikayla says: You can't go wrong opting for a celebrant-led wedding because there are no rules, you can hold your celebration anywhere at any time you like. The only thing to consider is that you need to visit a registry office beforehand to marry legally and obtain a certificate. After that, together with your choice of celebrant, you can start planning your dream ceremony.

Once my couples are stood before me, depending on who has walked up the 'aisle' to greet who, I proceed to tell their love story followed by the all-important exchanging of the vows. This is followed by the blessing of the rings and performing any heartfelt ritual that the newlyweds might choose, such as a hand-fasting or sand-blending ceremony, or lighting a unity candle. This results in a personalized, bespoke ceremony that's extremely memorable.

Unlike a registrar or a church wedding, a celebrant does not follow a standard script, they write an individual one all about the couple. You can incorporate an element of religion in it, or opt for a secular ceremony and one big advantage is that you can write your vows - the possibilities are endless!

Mikayla Ballard-Kearns, Mikayla Celebrant