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Through their eyes

Through their eyes

Q. Can you give us some tips for achieving fabulous wedding photos from a photographer's perspective please?

A. Daniella Marinos says: Meet the expert: Daniella Marinos is a professional wedding photographer based in Gloucestershire. Her work offers a natural, documentary-style of photography and she captures those special moments as they unfold.

- Be relaxed, enjoy your day and have fun! It should be the most wonderful time and is the start of a new chapter in your life together. Rely on your bridal party to do most of the running around and embrace every emotion that you both feel.

- Remember that the photographer has a big responsibility on your day and they're working hard for you. They'll be running on adrenaline to accomplish everything so please try and ensure they are not forgotten with refreshments and food.

- Take advantage of the weather when it's sunny and request plenty of outdoor shots but remember that the photographer only has a certain amount of daylight hours. Sometimes the weather changes quickly and any good photographer will pre-empt this and try and move the party indoors quickly.

- When you book your photographer, ask them whether they have any suggestions, for example, things like the groom's preparation often gets forgotten but is a really important part of the day.

- Always check your contract to give you peace of mind that your chosen photographer has a backup plan if needed in the event of bad weather.

- Remember that your photographer is a business and has overheads including insurance. If they're a quality photographer, their main summer dates won't be available for long so don't hold on to the deposit or contract because other enquiries will no doubt want the same date.

- Speak to your photographer, or email them, with every question you have, plus a list of your must-have shots – communication is key!

Daniella Marinos, Daniella Marinos Photography


Behind the lens

Behind the lens

Q. We want to ensure fantastic wedding photographs – do you have any top tips?

A. Daniella Marinos says: Meet the expert: Daniella Marinos is a professional wedding photographer based in Gloucestershire. Her work offers a natural, documentary-style of photography and she captures those special moments as they unfold.

Daniella says: Whether it's an intimate or lavish affair, couples need to feel comfortable with their choice of wedding photographer and there are some important things for them to consider. Firstly, request a video call if you can't arrange to meet them in person at a wedding fair or their studio. This is important so that you can get to know their personality. Have images ready to show them of how you envisage your day and point out what you like about different photographer's work. Be clear about what you want but remember that the photographer is only as good as the surroundings and opportunities presented to them.

Always try to provide a must-have list of shots of family members. When couples say they want the natural candid images, they usually also require the staged shots of their loved ones.

A timeline for the wedding day is crucial because a photographer works with this to see whether there will be enough time to get everything done in an unobtrusive way (bearing in mind the weather forecast). Most venues will provide a timeline of the day one month before the wedding so it's worth asking for this.

If you're shy and introverted in front of the camera then don't worry – as long as you smile, a personable photographer will bring out your different characters through the pictures. It's important to enquire when you're likely to receive your images and in which format this will be, whether it's an album or a USB stick. It's also worth bearing in mind whether you want colour shots or black and white and maybe sepia choices too.

Daniella Marinos, Daniella Marinos Photography




Q. We've just become engaged – how do we go about finding a good photographer?

A. Emily Collett says: Meet the expert: Emily Collett is a wedding photographer based in Wiltshire covering weddings throughout the Cotswolds. She's a champion for introverts, vowing to make everyone feel relaxed and reassured in front of the lens, even the most camera-shy!

Emily says: Firstly, it's important to decide on the style of wedding photography that you want, for example, do you require your images to be light and airy, warm and colourful or dark and moody?

Alongside the photographer's style, it's important to research how they capture the day. For example, if you're looking for relaxed, candid and natural shots, images of the finer details or more of a formal feel then check how they document a full day and ask to see full albums of their work, not just a selection of images.

For me, a connection is everything. I say this because you wouldn't invite a stranger to your wedding so the same applies to your wedding photographer. As you'll be spending much of your day in the presence of your photographer, you want them to be somebody who you can relax in front of, as you would your loved ones. To see if you're a good fit, ask whether they offer a meeting via Facetime or Zoom, or a phone chat, just so that you can see if your personalities align.

Booking an engagement shoot, if your chosen photographer provides this service, is a great opportunity to relax in front of the camera before your wedding day. It's also a great way to get to know your photographer and of course, leave with some memorable couple portraits!

Check whether the photographer's prices are within your budget. Photography is an expensive part of a wedding but it's an investment, and the photographs will be enjoyed for years to come so try not to compromise on this. It's also important to remember that you aren't paying for them simply to attend on the day. They're available for advice, guidance and support beforehand plus there are hours of editing the images after the wedding.

I would always recommend investing in a second shooter if your budget allows it. Your photographer can't be in two places at once so the second shooter will snap the groom's preparation, guests arriving, additional angles, extra candid shots, those all-important details and much more, making sure that everything's covered. They also offer invaluable assistance in wet weather, and peace of mind in the event of your photographer falling ill on the day.

Finally, if your preferred photographer isn't available, don't be afraid to ask for recommendations. They're likely to know other reliable, friendly, similarly priced photographers and point you in the right direction.

Emily Collett, Emily Collett Photography


Snap happy

Snap happy

Q. We're planning a Wiltshire-based wedding and would love a photographer to capture it all on camera in a natural, relaxed way - can you help?

A. James Donovan says: Meet the expert: James Donovan is a Swindon-based wedding and portrait photographer with more than 20 years' experience. James works with a second shooter and the most up-to-date equipment to achieve top-quality photos.

James says: When choosing a photographer, it's important to remember that they'll be telling the story of your special day through amazing images that will be treasured for a lifetime. Once the day has been and gone, it's the images that you'll be looking back on.

From the very first contact, I build a story of the wedding day by getting to know the couple and their venue, chosen theme, colours and plans. I enquire who the bridal party and family members are in preparation to capture wonderful images.

It's important to consider which package you'd like. You may want your images on a USB stick or presented in a beautiful wedding album, most of which are storybook-style albums.

Top tip: When viewing samples of photographer's wedding albums, ask to see a full one and not just their best shots from different weddings. Discuss what style of photography you want, for example, formal or relaxed, candid or a bit of both. I prefer to capture a wedding in an unobtrusive, relaxed way whilst including some lovely bridal party shots and group images.

Top tip: Ask whether there'll be one or two photographers on the day because having a second shooter provides you with full coverage of the getting-ready session and final preparations, and adds a different perspective to your wedding story.

Let your photographer know how long you require them for, for example from the preparation through to the first dance and evening party. You can decide to book them until after the speeches or cutting of the cake but make sure that this is agreed in writing before the day.

Top tip: Determine whether the final images provided will be in high resolution for quality purposes. You may want copies in a lower resolution for social media.

James Donovan, James Donovan Photography


Caught on camera

Caught on camera

Q. What questions should I be asking my wedding photographer before I confirm the booking?

A. Philippa Davies says: Philippa says: I get asked a variety of questions by my clients – here are some of the most popular ones: Can we meet you before we book? Absolutely! I love meeting clients and always like to hear about their wedding plans and any good photographer should say the same.

How long after the wedding will I receive my images?
The maximum time frame is four weeks but usually it's sooner and I can post a sneak peek of around 20 images on my Facebook page within 48 hours of your day.

I'm awkward in front of the camera so will we be able to achieve the type of images shown on your website?
Please don't worry! I have photographed many couples who feel the same as you! We have fun with the couple portraits which help you relax that's then reflected in the images being very natural. This should be the aim of any decent wedding photographer.

Should we reserve you a place for dinner on the day? If I am with you all day then yes, please! I don't require a threecourse meal with your guests but a light bite or sandwich is fine and allows me to have a small break.

Are you insured? Yes, I am fully insured and if you require a copy of the policy just ask. This is a vital question to be asking and all good wedding photographers should be insured.

Do you have back-up equipment? Yes, I have several lenses, flashes and cameras all ready to go. How long do you store the images for after our day? I store the images for one year after they have been delivered to you, but I do recommend that you back up your images as soon as you receive them.

What happens if you're taken ill on our wedding day? I have never missed a wedding to date, and have worked through flu, colds and even food poisoning! I will be at your wedding unless the worst happens, in which case I belong to a fantastic network of photographers that all help each other out in these circumstances.

Philippa Davies, Pink Elephant Photography


A date remember

A date remember

Q. Our wedding has been postponed but we would still like to remember our original date, can you offer us some ideas to do this?

A. Nikki Kirk says: Nikki says: A wedding day brings such joy because it gathers friends and families together. During the government lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I started thinking about how we can create some energy and love in a challenging situation that extends to couples having to postpone their special day due to this, or any other reason. I thought how wonderful it would be if couples could look back on their original wedding date with love and laughter, rather than disappointment, so I thought up the concept of the Wedding Pledge Day, a chance to celebrate your original date together and, of course, share it with your family and friends. Here are some ideas:

- Create your own vows to each other and write them out and frame them. Have them displayed when your new wedding date comes along.

- Create a Zoom or Skype call if you can't gather with your nearest and dearest where you can share your pledge with your family and friends present virtually.

- Enjoy a picnic to celebrate your Wedding Pledge Day - with bubbles of course!

- Share your engagement photographs again because people will love to see them.

- Take selfies of your Wedding Pledge Day celebrations and share them on social media.

- Dress up for the day and make it a special time to remember.

Don't forget to share your very own stories on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/nikkikirkphotography and tag nikkikirkphotography on your Instagram posts using the hashtag #ourweddingpledgeday www.instagram.com/nikkikirkphotography

Nikki Kirk, Nikki Kirk Photography

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