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Q. We want celebrity-inspired, Insta-worthy wedding suits, what can you suggest?

A. Slater Menswear says: The suit experts at Slater Menswear took a list of the top 100 richest male celebrities in the world and ran their names through Google to establish which suited iconic celebrities people wanted to dress like the most. Conor McGregor's suits came in at number one with 17,000 searches. In second and third place were Chris Evans and Cristiano Ronaldo, with 2,100 searches respectively.

By far the most-searched-for male style icon, you can achieve the modern look synonymous with the Irish Mixed Martial Arts fighter Conor McGregor by combining the ONESIX5IVE skinny-fit, navy pinstripe three-piece suit by Slater Menswear with their textured pink silk tie. The deep hues of navy contrasted against the pop of colour from the tie will ensure true McGregor style. Keep the waistcoat on for a more formal look, or opt for something a bit more casual with a two-piece suit.

Nothing says well dressed like a classic black suit and tie combo. A nod to the true gentleman, get this classic suited look inspired by Captain America himself, Chris Evans. Slater Menswear's sleek Fellini Traveller regular-fit, two-piece suit works best when teamed with a plain woven black tie for an effortlessly elegant look.

Style up a sleek and modern look inspired by football legend Christiano Ronaldo with a slick black tuxedo. By matching the Ventura slim-fit, two-piece dinner suit with a boxed black bow tie from Slater Menswear, you're sure to stand out in classic style. Finish the look with a pair of Charles Southwell black patent square-toe dress shoes that are bold enough to make a statement.

Slater Menswear, Slater Menswear


Accessorize all areas

Accessorize all areas

Q. Please can you give us some ideas for styling the groomsmen's suits?

A. Helen King says: I place a strong focus on wedding bow ties that are a trendy way to incorporate the latest looks into your day and also tie in the outfits with your chosen theme. For weddings this year, my silver silk bow tie is very popular because silver adds a dash of sparkle. Nature is another big influence for weddings in 2022 and my wildflowers-printed bow tie adds a natural, whimsical feel.

My stunning lilac silk bow tie is inspired by Pantone's 2022 colour of the year, Very Peri. It's rich and decadent and makes the perfect accent colour. The spring floral bow tie featuring dusty pink florals against vibrant blues also incorporates hints of Very Peri. Alternatively, the blue floral bow tie that I have added to the collection is inspired by the colour schemes of Bridgerton boasting regency blue tones.

The traditional black silk bow tie is ideal for an elegant formal black-tie wedding and will always be in style.

Helen King, Blue Eyes Bow Ties


Suited and booted

Suited and booted

Q. We're two grooms planning our same-sex wedding – please can you give us some advice on choosing suits that complement each other?

A. Mark Slater says: Suits come in all shapes, sizes, colours, patterns and shades. There's plenty to consider when picking a style - and that's before you decide what shirt or tie to wear with it! Colour theory is more than just a tool for artists. It can (and should) be used when putting together an outfit to create a winning combination. By using the colour wheel as a starting point, you can see which shades work well together and which ones should be avoided. Because you have three potential colours to play with — your shirt, tie and suit — you have the freedom to be creative. There are three main ways you can implement colour theory to help you mix and match your clothing:

This relates to a single colour throughout. Rather than picking and choosing shades, this approach makes use of a range of tones to differentiate between each article of clothing. This conservative combination is the easiest way to implement colour theory and creates a foolproof, harmonious look.

Complementary colour schemes are the most striking. They consist of those that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel, like blue and orange or red and green. These combinations provide contrast and appear more prominent. Take caution when choosing this approach because bold tones can be jarring when mixed. A good approach is to choose a single bold colour choice with more muted accent colours.

This option uses colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. This offers more versatility yet must be used carefully to avoid being overwhelming. Experiment with strong traditional colour, for example, if you have a navy suit as your base colour, pair it with a sky-blue shirt and a purple tie. This combo utilises analogous colour schemes in a way that creates a sophisticated, well-put-together finish.

Mark Slater, Slaters Menswear


Wonderful world of weddings

Wonderful world of weddings

Q. We're considering having a small wedding, even though restrictions have lifted. Do you think this is the new normal?

A. Mark Slater says: Slater Menswear has researched what weddings this summer and beyond may look like now and some of the key findings were that there has been a 62% increase in Google searches for small weddings since last year, a 15% increase in searches for small wedding ideas and a 6% increase in searches for intimate wedding venues. There was also a 41% increase in sales of suits after the roadmap out of lockdown was announced.

Weddings taking place this year, and during 2022, will see smaller ceremonies remaining very popular. Rather than facing the possibility of having to un-invite guests or losing deposits if any more future guidelines are put in place, more couples are investigating the possibility of hosting an intimate ceremony. Whether it's a way to save money on their budget or to simply avoid disappointment, the data suggests that more people are opting to have a smaller ceremony than in previous years.

Intimate wedding venues are here to stay. It's not just the number of guests that we've seen shrink; more couples are choosing smaller venues, too. Of the 71% of British couples that are rescheduling their nuptials currently, one in five are opting for a micro wedding with 20 guests or fewer. This is partly due to a rising trend of 'sequel weddings' which means couples can officially tie the knot with a small handful of loved ones and then host a bigger bash at a later date to invite those who couldn't originally attend. Suit sales soar! Many couples believe that this is the year for their big day, small or large, and it's a time to get suited and booted.

Suit sales at Slater Menswear are increasing every day with more grooms feeling optimistic about their upcoming nuptials.

Mark Slater, Slater Menswear