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Big-day budget

Big-day budget

Q. We're concerned about the rising cost of living on our big-day budget and venue choice. Any tips?

A. Jonny Rose says: Many newly engaged couples are planning their special day but it can be challenging trying to find that picture-perfect venue. Amid the cost of living crisis, there are some easy ways that newly engaged couples can keep their wedding expenses low while still enjoying an elegant and lavish venue:

- Limit your guest list
While the idea of inviting everyone you know to your wedding seems like tradition, this can end up costing you more. Stick to a set amount of people that you want to invite, for example, 40 to begin with, and make sure that all the important people are accounted for. By only keeping it close family and friends, you'll be saving thousands of pounds in the long run.

- Make your invites e-invitations for as little as 20p per person
Although selecting wedding invites that are adorned with your name and pretty details can be a special keepsake from your big day, it can also be extremely costly. From postage stamps to matching envelopes, the price can quickly add up. Instead of opting for the traditional, evites can be personalised for as little as 20p per invite. Essentially, an e-invitation is an electronic invitation that's sent to your invitees via email and can be a fun introduction to your wedding. You're able to pick your design from a range of templates as well as add images and all the details of your big day.

- Food and drink
If you're looking to save money, getting married later in the day means that you'll only have to serve one meal as opposed to two. Many venues allow for external catering and buffet-style food to be served at their location. Although the idea of serving a meal is more elegant, a buffet-style feast means that people can come and go as they please. You can set the tables up as one for starters and soups, another for mains and one for desserts. If you're looking to add a special, personalised touch, you can also opt for themed tables with your favourite food.

Jonny Rose, Slater Menswear


With love from Japan

With love from Japan

Q. My hubby-to-be is Japanese so we want to incorporate some traditional elements into our Cotswold wedding – what do you suggest?

A. Cathy and Yukki says: We are new to the wedding industry and have something unique to offer. Authentic Japanese furoshiki are high-quality cloths printed with beautiful designs that share symbolic meanings. Often the motifs are flowers such as Kyoto which has traditionally been aligned with the seasons. Furoshiki are a big part of Japanese wrapping culture, which includes kimono and origami. It originated in the old capital of Japan more than a thousand years ago, when the cloth was used to wrap the precious objects of the Emperor when they were not on display. There was a spiritual element to the wrapping, which is echoed in the meditative nature of furoshiki wrapping today.

Furoshiki are on-trend, owing to their reusability – in a wedding setting they make wonderful keepsakes because they absorb the memories of the special day. Historically in Japan, a bride would be given furoshiki on her wedding day and then continue to use it throughout her life, wrapping gifts for her family when she returned home.

Cathy and Yukki, Zusetsu


My little pony

My little pony

Q. We're both animal lovers and would like to incorporate them into our wedding day – what can you suggest?

A. Scott Millman says: We would like to announce the arrival of our pedigree miniature Shetland ponies Frankie and Freddie who are ready to arrive suited and booted as special guests at your wedding! They are miniature ponies who look very cute, their white coats make heads turn, whether for entertaining children or as the star of the show in the photographs - we're taking bookings now.

Scott Millman, Pony Party Experiences