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A way with words

A way with words

Q. How does my hubby-to-be and our best man prepare an engaging speech for our wedding?

A. Jackie Graybill says: For a momerable wedding speech, you'll need plenty of great stories to tell to keep everyone entertained and laughing and bring the odd sentimental tear to their eyes. Here are some tips for great wedding storytelling:

- Keep your stories short and sweet - if you feel like you're adding too much detail, you probably are.

- Add some mystery - begin with a mystery and include them throughout your story, it will keep your listeners intrigued. A great start might be, "I have a confession to make…" or "Let me share something you've never heard before…"

- Rather than reporting what people in your story said, become those characters as they have a dialogue. Step into their physical space by shifting slightly where you stand and where you're looking.

- Our five senses have a powerful effect on our experiences. You could describe a delicious recipe that the happy couple makes, or a nature walk they love.

Jackie Graybill, Toastmasters International