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See how other local couples celebrated their big day with wedding stories and ideas from Your Glos & Wilts Wedding Real Weddings features.

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Marry me!

Kelly and Tim met via an online dating app in 2015. "It was a picture of him wearing an Exeter Chief headpiece after watching them play rugby that did it for me!" Kelly tells us. Tim adds, "It was Kelly's dark hair and signature red lipstick that caught my eye." The couple became engaged during a surprise proposal in New York on Kelly's 30th birthday. "We were so excited to visit the city ahead of Christmas but I had no idea that he was going to propose," Kelly tells us. "My birthday fell on the last day of our trip and we had an evening ticket booked to visit the Empire State Building.... read more

Classical elegance

Ria and Connor met at university, six years before they got married. "Connor belonged to the football team and I was a cheerleader," Ria tells us. "As we got to know one another, I was attracted to his ambitious nature." The couple became engaged during a surprise proposal back in their university town where they first met. "Connor had planned a spa break," Ria says. "He recreated our first date, on the anniversary of it! After dinner and drinks, we walked along the beach where he proposed - I wasn't expecting it at all so it was a wonderful surprise."... read more

Rural romance

Ashley and Daniel met at university in 2013. "We got chatting at a party and ended up talking for most of the night," the couple tell us. "The following day we went on a wonderful date where we enjoyed a walk along the beach followed by cocktails and a movie night. Our relationship developed from there."... read more

A fine romance

Shaughney and Adam met at work when they were both teenagers. "Adam has a fantastic sense of humour and I loved his jokes," Shaughney tells us. "We added each other on social media, swapped numbers and arranged to meet up outside of work and have been together ever since." The couple became engaged during a holiday to New York for Shaughney's birthday. "It was our first full day in the city and we were both jet-lagged so decided to explore Central Park," Shaughney tells us. "Adam had always planned to pop the question next to the fountain featured in the Home Alone movie but he got stage fright because there were so many people around! His second idea was to rent a rowing boat for a trip on the lake in Central Park. He would not let me have control of the oars and ended up rowing us into a hedge! He then started searching through his bag and said 'I can't get down on one knee but...' at which point I interrupted him.... read more

A fairytale day

Danielle and Adrian met 13 years ago whilst working for the same company in Bristol. "The very first time we met was when Adrian decided to take our team out for a thank you drink," Danielle tells us. "We got chatting and ended up drinking numerous bottles of flavoured Lambrini before dancing around poles and sharing a kiss in the basement of Reflex nightclub! Adrian was my line manager at one point, meaning that our early days of dating were spent in secret, which was exciting and kept us on our toes," Danielle reveals.... read more

In full bloom

Lauren and Martin met at secondary school and lived near each other. "Martin was in the year above me but I used to pass him on the walk home every day and we had a few mutual friends so we gradually got to know each other," Lauren tells us. "We were friends for quite some time before we became a couple and I love the fact that our relationship is built on friendship." Lauren and Martin's younger sisters were also friends and wanted the couple to get married so that they would be related!... read more

English country garden

Rachel and Patrick met at the University of Chichester. "We were in different years studying separate courses but were both heavily involved in the music department," Rachel tells us. "What started as a simple student flirtation turned into a nine-year relationship before we even became engaged." A surprise proposal took place on 1st February 2019. "Patrick hadn't chosen the date because he was waiting for the first snowy day of the new year. When we first started our relationship, it was during heavy snowfall," Rachel says..... read more


Dee and Ben's wedding took place at the rustic-inspired Cripps Barn with a country theme brimming with soft, pastel colours. Dee and Ben met at Hartpury University in Gloucestershire. "He had come to the UK on a rugby exchange through his college in New Zealand and we were friends at first," Dee tells us. "It wasn't until Ben came back to the UK for the second time that our relationship began. We hung out together a few times and then, at my friend's fancy dress party, I realised that a half-naked Samoan dressed as Wonder Woman was the man for me!"... read more

Snap happy

Wellington Barn in Calne, Wiltshire, was the ideal backdrop for Lisa and Marc's woodland forest theme. Lisa-Marie and Marc met on board the P&O cruise ship called Oceana when they were both working as photographers. "We were friends at first," Lisa tells us, "and I thought he was the funniest person ever!" After only two weeks of knowing each other, Marc was enticing the passengers to have their photographs taken and sending them over to Lisa telling them that she was his future wife!... read more

An intimate affair

Lucy and James enjoyed a private celebration with their nearest and dearest at the luxury wedding venue The Slaughters Manor House in Cheltenham... read more

Set tails wagging

Dog lovers Charlotte and Rhys incorporated pooch-themed accessories into their big day. Charlotte and Rhys met at his work Christmas drinks where they were introduced through mutual friends. They became engaged in a surprise proposal during a romantic trip to Venice. "When Rhys got down on one knee to propose, it was such a surprise that I thought he was joking and walked away at first!" Charlotte tells us.... read more

Dreaming of a white wedding

The Kingscote Barn offered a magical winter vibe for Lizzie and Tim's celebrations. Lizzie and Tim met at primary school and remained good friends throughout their teenage years. "We finally started dating in our early twenties," Lizzie tells us, "and after 22 years of knowing one another, we decided to tie the knot."The couple became engaged on holiday in Lombok, Indonesia. "It was a lovely surprise when Tim asked me to marry him after watching a beautiful sunset together," Lizzie explains, "although I did have a slight inclination that he might because he was carrying a bag around with him on the holiday that clearly showed what appeared to be a square-shaped box inside!"... read more

All in the detail for Lucy and Mark

All in the detail: Lucy and Mark's decorative day followed a pink, pale green and white colour scheme with creative DIY touches. Lucy and Mark met through mutual friends. "We had known of one another for years and one day, our paths crossed on a boat trip up the River Severn," Lucy tells us. "We had so much fun that day so Mark asked me out on a date. We enjoyed a meal in a local pub and it became apparent that we had similar interests and were perfect for each other. I also thought he was handsome and charming yet clever and funny." Mark tells us that he felt an attraction to Lucy as soon as he saw her on the boat. "She was beautiful, funny, witty and intelligent – everything I wanted."... read more

A touch of tradition

Charlotte and James enjoyed their special day at Manor by the lake in Cheltenham with a seasonal burgundy and white theme... read more

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