Weddings are back - Slater Menswear reveal how to match suits with shirts and ties

Weddings are back - Slater Menswear reveal how to match suits with shirts and ties With weddings large and small finally back on, the experts at Cheltenham-based Slater Menswear reveal how to match a suit to a shirt and tie. Suits come in all shapes and sizes... and colours, patterns and shades. There's plenty to consider when choosing a suit - and that's before you even decide what shirt or tie to wear with it.

So how do you match your suit to your shirt and tie? Menswear retailer, Slater Menswear have created a definitive guide on how to get the balance just right. Colour theory is more than just a tool for artists. It can (and should) be used when putting together an outfit to create a winning combination. By using the colour wheel as a starting point, you can see which colours work well together and which should be avoided. As you have three potential colours to play with — your shirt, tie and suit — you have the freedom to be creative.

There are three main ways you can implement colour theory to help you mix and match your clothing:
You've probably already heard the term 'monochrome' before; relating to a single colour throughout. Rather than picking and choosing colours, this approach makes use of a range of tones to differentiate between each article of clothing. This conservative combination is the easiest way to implement colour theory and creates a foolproof, harmonious look. As long as each item is its own distinct shade, you can't go wrong.

Complementary colour schemes are the most striking. They consist of colours that sit opposite one another on the colour wheel, like blue and orange or red and green. These colour combinations provide a high contrast and appear more prominent. Take caution when choosing this approach because bold tones can be too jarring when used together. A good approach is to choose a single bold colour choice with more muted accent colours.

This option uses colours that sit adjacent to each other on the colour wheel. This offers more versatility in tones, yet must be used carefully to avoid being overwhelming. Experiment with a strong traditional colour and those that appear next to it to strike the right balance. For example, if you have a navy suit as your base colour, pair it with a sky-blue shirt and a purple tie. This combo utilises analogous colour schemes in a way that creates a sophisticated, well-put-together finish.

As well as finding the right colour palette, choosing the right tie can make or break the look of your outfit. When picking a tie to wear, you want to create another level of contrast between the shirt and suit. As we've already discussed, the colour of your tie is crucial, as is the pattern. Here are some things to consider when deciding on a pattern for your tie.
*If you're wearing a patterned shirt, opting for a tie that echoes the design is a great way to bring an outfit together.
*Taking a different route, a contrasting tie pattern can help to make it pop as part of your ensemble. A polka dot tie accompanying a striped shirt is a great example of how different patterns work strongly together.
*If, on the other hand, you prefer to draw attention to your shirt, a solid tie is a conservative way to pull focus to where it needs to be. By correctly using colour theory, you can choose a solid tie that fits in with the palette of your outfit and choose a statement shirt with a bolder pattern like paisley.

White shirts are often the number one choice for many men when putting together an outfit, and for good reason. It acts as a clean slate that can be combined with almost any colour and allows you to draw focus to ties. For those who are looking for easy clothing combinations, white is the obvious choice.

Download our October/November 2021 issue to read the findings in full but before then, indulge in our latest issue here!

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