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Gloucestershire-based professional make-up artist Nadezhda Hardiman gives brow advice

Gloucestershire-based professional make-up artist Nadezhda Hardiman gives brow advice: Image 1 Gloucestershire-based professional make-up artist and hair stylist Nadezhda Hardiman offers brow advice to brides looking to get their shaped and tinted for the big day. She says, "eyebrows must be maintained before the wedding and not everybody will need their's tinted but most people will need them shaped. If your eyebrows are dark and have a nice shape to them already then you won't need them tinted. Eyebrows can be lightened but you'll need to book a consultation with a specialist about it well before your wedding. Make-up will only look good if your eyebrows are in great condition."

She continues, "I advise to tint them four to five days before the special day. That way, they will look fresh yet more natural because the tint from your skin will have washed off. If you have never had this done before, try it a couple of months before your wedding, so that you know what to expect. Some people believe that applying concealer on top of eyebrows will help to hide hairs which is a myth because if eyebrows not shaped nicely, it will spoil your look."

To see more of Nadezhda's work, visit http://nadezhda.co.uk

Image courtesy of https://www.gettyimages.co.uk

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