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Hot topic: Wedding styling, accessories & flowers

Our regional experts talk wedding styling, accessories and flowers

Style me pretty

Style me pretty

Q. I keep seeing the word “styling” in terms of wedding décor on Pinterest and on various websites and blogs. I'm not quite sure what it means or how I incorporate it into my day. Isn't it just the décor side of planning?

A. Alexandra Clarke and Jill Davies says: We get asked this question a lot. For most couples who organised their own weddings, they “styled” them without even thinking about it as they went through the planning process. It's important to separate the two, though. Styling differs from planning because the latter is largely concerned about the schedule, transport, suppliers and other logistics. Styling concentrates solely on the aesthetics and overall design of the day.

Some people, when they talk about styling, use the term “theme”. However, we think this makes couples think they need to have a dramatic theme – for example, A Midsummer Night's Dream or vintage theme. We prefer to talk about the “style” of wedding that you want to achieve, which may incorporate several elements such as laid-back, romantic and fun. You can then use those key terms to put together images to create a moodboard that will influence your styling choices (Pinterest is always great for this).

In terms of colour, styling can broaden the spectrum for your day. Often, couples will like a colour but don't expand on it. Styling takes your core colour and evolves it in to a palette of shades and tones to complement and contrast (there are lots of great palette creators online that are free to use).

Having this collection of images and a palette to refer back to continually is so important when deciding on your linens, centrepieces, lighting, flowers and other elements because it will help you tie everything together.

We have two main pieces of advice when it comes to styling. First, it doesn't have to mean a high-maintenance day. You can style a relaxed and informal elopement just as well as a lavish and grand wedding. It's all about what you both want and tying those ideas and dreams together. Second, if it all seems too much for you to get your head around, then hire someone to help you turn your Pinterest page into reality. Until a few years ago, wedding styling was something only heard of in celebrity or lavish weddings. You'll be surprised how accessible having a wedding stylist has become and how it will give your day the wow factor.

Sparkle all night long

Sparkle all night long

Q. What are the trends in bridal accessories for 2019?

A. Kelly Mills says: Trends are apparent within weddings, especially with dresses and flowers. I feel that a recent popular trend with brides was rose gold as a colour theme. Before that, white and ivory were the most desired shades. For hair accessories, they are often paired to complement the bride's or bridesmaids' dresses.

You always have the popular three themes: traditional, vintage and modern. The time of year can also dictate the style of the hair accessory and, therefore, the trend. For example, the more modern style seems to be in the summer, when pink and light grey will complement the white and ivory, making the hair accessory sparkle in the light.

The traditional style of a tiara worn in loose locks is usually more popular during autumn and winter as brides are more likely to have their hair down to cover their shoulders for extra warmth.

A big trend that I think will be very popular throughout 2019 is vintage or vintage-meets-modern look for which the bride has taken inspiration from a different era but wants a more modern take on it. A hair vine worn in a loose, 1920s style or a dramatic beaded flower comb suited to a 1940s or '50s style are good examples of this.

Flower power

Flower power

Q. I am planning my wedding this year and would love to have some inspirational ideas for my flowers. Can you suggest some different varieties, colours and arrangements?

A. Fiona Porter says: Homegrown flowers like those that I supply from my garden in Dursley, Gloucestershire, are a fantastic choice for weddings. Mine are all natural, sustainable and wildlife-friendly. Yellow is proving to be a popular colour – especially for summer weddings – while wild varieties to create large, country-style bouquets are always a popular choice. Arrangements such as floral chandeliers are on-trend and flower crowns, floral horseshoes and wrist corsages are always good choices.